Training Intelligence

High impact learning leading to high impact results requires a high level of learning and development intelligence. Be in the know on what is happening. It’s all about planning, execution and measurement.


Smart Training Solutions


Execution of training should meet expectations. Some learners will excel in learning; some will be slow; you should be aware of what is transpiring and when to intervene. The eSTUDY reporting tool is flexible, customisable and precise. Be informed, know when to act, and why action is required.

Analytics & Dashboards

A dashboard could be a one-pager that helps managers and business leaders in tracking learning and development KPIs (or metrics), leading to informative and intelligent decisions. Our dashboards contain charts, tables and views, backed by data. Analytics are applied to add intelligence. Stop guessing, get the correct details.

Student Management System

You are spending a fortune already, why not track the progress of your skills development investments through our online Student Management System? Whether a bursary, an internship, learnership or short course, you deserve to know what is happening. Capture and record all data in one central training database. Accurate information enables managers, including you.

Learning & Development Return on Investment

Get value for your bucks. Do you know your RoI in learning and development terms? Have you ever thought of it? Surely your Financial Director asked questions or made a few wild statements. Measure your RoI in terms of quantitative and qualitative criteria. Quantitative measurement reflects learning activity, progress made and success rate. Qualitative measurement refers to the learning experience, learner engagement, and value-add in the opinion of learners and managers. Be prepared to answer those difficult questions regarding RoI.

Let us help you achieve your transformation objectives

and to maximise your business benefits, through your BEE learning and development investments.