Talent Management

To perform at optimal level, organisations need to recruit, hire, retain and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market. Do it right the first time around.


Talent Management Framework

Effective talent management requires transformation of all systems, procedures and processes to be unified working towards the same goal to successfully manage talent, to the benefit of the individual, the team and the organisation, by applying human resource best practices and strategic implementations.

Prospective employees are looking for employers with a focussed and dedicated talent management strategy that will ensure future growth. The edge to getting a: “YES, I will accept your offer“.

An opportunity to continue growing and developing their professional and personal skills is a major motivator for why employees stay at a job. The fight to retain the best talent is a reality.

Learning and Development Strategies

Your learning and development strategy is a key component in your talent management framework. You should aim to create a culture of continuous learning and enhancing career success. Well-managed learning and development interventions lead to employees having the right skills, at the right time, to meet and exceed business needs.

“A Learning recipe for success.”

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Learning should not focus solely on improving productivity, it should also increase employability. In the modern era, workers are in charge of their own personal development and professional growth. People list “opportunities for learning and development” as one of the top criteria for joining an organisation.

In human capital you need make ongoing investments in learning and development in order to retain its value. When knowledge becomes outdated or forgotten then the value of human capital declines and needs to be supplemented by new learning and relevant work experiences. Employers that invest in leadership development, in good and bad times,  are much more likely to achieve their performance targets.

Achieve a sense of community in your workforce as workforces become increasingly virtual and globally dispersed. Your learning and development strategy should help to build a values-based culture and a sense of community. Millennials and Generation Z people are motivated by a values-based culture, in sustainable enterprises contributing welfare of society.

A company’s success in the market, financial strength, market positioning, and products and services are boosted by your employer brand. Learning and development should develop your company’s brand and achieve “employer of choice status”. Communicate your brand value proposition explicitly.

Learner engagement in their own personal and professional growth is critical to achieve a high learning and development results. In challenging times people fall back on their competencies and allow people to determine and define their own developmental requirements through their direct engagement in planning and execution of their learning roadmap.

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