Content Development

Quality of content is a vital pillar in learning. You may add as many “bells and whistles” as you wish –  if your content is substandard, your programme will fail. You have invaluable internal expertise and know your business, therefore you are running a successful enterprise. Your expertise, your content – let’s add our expertise to create your dream learning programme.


Content writing

We will assist you in defining your learning and development requirements, creating your learning storyboard, pen on paper or text-on-screen, video-based or animations, flowing to finished SCORM compliant files. Remember, “all that glitters is not gold”, get your content on point. Online or classroom-based, you decide.

View a sample of our complete content development service – from writing to video and animation.

Converting content to SCORM compliant files

Give us your current PowerPoints, Word files and Excel spreadsheets: we will add some structure, purpose and fun to it. Create a killer headline, followed by an intriguing intro, add creative visuals and voice-over, and press the start button. Reduce excessive development time, while we write, you comment and review... indeed a collaborative development. Start right, do it right, get it right.

Accreditation of learning programmes and training courses

Accreditation is a reality in South Africa, whether it is a requirement from a SETA, DHET, CHE, QCTO or a professional organisation, it all falls under the SAQA umbrella. Let’s take your content, your learning programmes or your courses and assist you in getting accreditation, it is easier than you think. Do it right and you will get accreditation for your learning and development and BEE initiatives.

Mohive content development tool

Is there anything more frustrating than to sit and wait while your colleague is writing content before you can view it? Our collaborative and template-based development process will save up to 49 % of your development time. Opt for "single-click publishing", which means that you do not have to withdraw content while people are learning. A single click to update content without disrupting learning activities.

Let us help you achieve your transformation objectives

and to maximise your business benefits, through your BEE learning and development investments.

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