About Us

Let us help you to make your contribution to achieve the objectives of learning and development and BEE, but equally important, let us help you to maximise your business benefits, through your learning and development investments.


To develop and manage a successful learning and development business, meeting expectations of shareholders and clients while achieving human capital development and transformation, in the true spirit of BEE, at the minimum cost and maximum RoI to clients.

eSTUDY is to become the leading learning and development business, that provides quality training and guidance to clients on human capital development and related compliance.

Business value is achieved through the intelligent design and development of learning material and innovative learning models.

Over the last seven years, in 99% of all our client board meetings, with more than 200 businesses, no-one questioned the basic principle: South Africa needs to go through a comprehensive and rapid transformation. The question is HOW transformation should occur… is Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment the successful model to achieve the necessary change?

It is undoubtedly the best model available, with a robust legal and regulatory framework supporting it, but represents only one mechanism by the South African Government to facilitate transformation.

Let us help you to make your contribution to achieve the objectives of L&D and BEE, but equally important, let us help you to maximise your business benefits, through your L&D investments.

Our Values

What we stand for

Our mission and values are the cornerstones of our success. Everything we do focuses on empowering your business to achieve your transformation objectives at the maximum benefit to your organisation. Our business strategy centres around the following:

What do we do?

High impact learning programmes (HILL), achieving business objectives while earning BEE Skills Development points.

Our Mission:

To add sustainable value to your business through maximum benefit-driven learning and development implementations, that drive transformation at minimum expenditure.


Work collaboratively by creating trust, communicating effectively and demonstrating dedication featured by attention to detail.


Being professional by displaying honesty, dependability and showing utmost respect to uphold the trust of all our stakeholders


Nurture positive relationships with those who have and may entrust us with their business.


Embrace opportunities that will further our focus as a creative solutions provider.


Delivering efficient, credible and quality work while saving costs.


Harvesting skills to produce flexible, pro-active and future trends.

Core Services

As experts in learning and development, through the exceptional use of blended learning models, we achieve development and transformation objectives on all levels of employment, including Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). We provide BEE aligned and accredited training solutions to maximise your BEE points.

Digital Learning Technology

Promote and manage your training initiatives, create your reports, and develop your content via one single digital platform and central training registry.

Accredited Content Library

Conduct accredited internships, learnerships and short courses that fall within Category C, D and E of the Learning Programme Matrix for BEE Skills Development.

SA Compliance Content

Meet your regulatory, legal and compliance requirements with our Compliance Library and simple digital learning modules or let us develop relevant courses.

Soft Skills Content

Use our 11 000+ learning resources developed by leading academics and business leaders to develop your personalised learning roadmap.

Training Intelligence

Monitor progress of your training initiatives, determine the impact and measure your RoI presented in a customised dashboard format.

Our Team

eSTUDY is managed by a team of highly professional, skilled individuals with a passion for learning & development and BEE Transformation.

G Snr (2)

Gerhard Visser (Snr)

Executive Chairman
G Jnr (1)

Gerhard Visser (Jnr)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Keo (2)

Keo Malebye

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Sunet Strauch

Chief Training Officer (CTO)

Clients Testimonials

eSTUDY and CrossKnowledge have many well-known international, multinational and local clients:


Let us help you achieve your transformation objectives

and to maximise your business benefits, through your BEE learning and development investments.