What’s happening at eSTUDY? Dec 2021 Edition

Message from our CEO…

Dear Clients, 

As we approach the end of 2021, I write this message with gratitude and pride to have you as part of our value chain. I reflect on the months of 2021, a full year of me as CEO of eSTUDY. I cannot help but think that you, our valued customers, have contributed tremendously toward the growth of eSTUDY. For that, we will forever cherish every milestone achieved, every challenge experienced, and every customer onboarded.


2022 will be a year of optimal change, with a strategic focus on partnerships, a revised library of accredited short courses, the launch of masterclasses, CK Connect for personalised training paths, and innovative Internship programmes. As we expand our offerings, our focus will remain within our industry silos and specific roles you helped us identify throughout the last five years.


Stability is a strategic goal in our Vision 2025 strategy, with its main goal being to achieve an 85% health status on clients, partners, suppliers, and employees. As we improve our position by 10% in 2022, from 71% in 2021, you will form part of a movement never seen in eSTUDY. We are excited to go on this journey with you and look forward to sharing what we have put in place to help you become more successful in learning & development and your business.

 Seasons Greetings

On behalf of the entire management team, I would like to thank all our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. May you all have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2022.

What’s News?

BEE Analyst provides sustainable BEE Solutions that help grow your business. They are experts in the analysis and interpretation of B-BBEE with a core focus on creating business value. eSTUDY and BEE Analyst have been in partnership for more than five years and have successfully delivered over 800 Internship and Learnership interventions. The partnership brings credible value to clients through creative thinking, strategic projects, and exceptional service delivery, saving you time and money, yet maintaining or improving your BEE points.

BEE Analyst comprises of six Principal Consultants empowered with expert knowledge on all the sector codes of B-BBEE. Their proven consulting methodologies cover all BEE elements and project stages to achieve your desired BEE level.

Their motto “BEE Intelligent” clearly differentiates them from similar organisations by delivering what is promised during the consultation process. Their methodologies are embedded in a robust change management process to “take your team along” in the transformation process.

Their services include:

  1. BEE Scorecard Development
  2. BEE Scorecard Optimisation
  3. Sustainable BEE Solutions
  4. Transaction Management
  5. Employment Equity Management

Brand-new professional learning programme for the ICT sector

eSTUDY is proud to announce a brand-new professional learning programme for the ICT sector, developed in partnership with CompTIA and the ICITP (the professional body for IT professionals in South Africa). This 18-month programme will enable ICT graduates to get their A+ certification PLUS a professional IT designation.

The programme is recognisable for PIVOTAL grants, SAQA ID 1043. It is delivered on a Category C level of the BEE Learning Programme Matrix, and preference is given to group enrolment of 10 learners.

5 top tips for recruiting the best talent for your business

Recruiting talent for your business is an art as well as a science. Follow these five tips to make sure that you’re recruiting the best talent for your business – people who will help your business grow, and who are able to put your dreams into action.

1. Its’ a cliché, but: Have a job description

Yes, you’re busy. Yes, you know exactly what type of candidate you’re looking for. And yes, you require staff to go beyond what’s in their job description. But it’s easy to develop a ‘business crush’ on a candidate during the recruitment process – someone who blows you away with their talent and enthusiasm, and who can really help take your business to the next level. There’s nothing wrong with recruiting for the future – after all, you need people who can put your dreams into action. But you have a need now, and meeting this need is why you’re recruiting.

Taking the time to write up a job description, and having those requirements in black and white, will help you tame that business crush and make sure you’re recruiting the right person – whether it’s for a current need, or for a business-growth need.

2. Know what it’s going to cost you

It’s easy to think only of gross salary when budgeting for new staff. But the real costs are far higher. Yes, you begin with the gross salary, but you also need to consider additional overhead costs: things like a desk and chair, computer or laptop, software, and licensing expenses.

If you’re working through a recruitment agency, consider their fees and charges. And remember that recruitment agencies often charge these fees even if your newly appointed candidate resigns. So, you might end up having lost your ideal candidate, but still owing money to the recruitment agency!

3. Do, do, do due diligence

In the current South African economic environment, employer demand is far lower than employee supply. Given the staggering unemployment rate, there are likely to be hundreds (or even thousands) of candidates who are desperate for the job you’re offering. Unfortunately, this desperation sometimes leads to little white lies, or even full-blown deception. So, make sure that you contact references to check that your applicants are who they say they are. Insist on certified copies of qualifications. And better yet, ask your shortlisted candidates to do a project as part of the final interview process – this way, you can check for yourself that they have the skills they claim to have.

4. Consider the internship model

Interns often get a bad rap. Business owners imagine a slouchy Gen Z waltzing into the office, complete with lacklustre education, zero experience, and an overwhelming sense of entitlement. No thanks! But managed correctly, interns offer opportunities for your business that simply can’t be ignored. There are thousands of unemployed graduates who are desperate to make a difference and build a career. Yes, there might be some chancers and ‘bad apples’, but with the right recruitment and selection process, you’ll find amazing talent and dedication – and at a fraction of the cost (and in some cases, AT NO COST)!

Internships have been around for time immemorial and were traditionally used by businesses to reduce the workload of full-time employees and identify and appoint future stars. Interns bring enthusiasm, motivation and energy to the workplace, and their unique perspective often leads to innovative solutions to old problems. For this very reason, South African legislation provides incentives for the recruitment (and subsequent appointment) of interns – not least of which is points on your BEE Scorecard. But as an unintended consequence of these incentives, internships aren’t always given the pride of place that they deserve. Too many businesses hire internships purely to enjoy the related incentives but forget that interns are a key part of the succession plan!

Yes, you’ll need to recruit your interns carefully, and be clear on exactly what (and who) you’re looking for. And yes, you’ll need to provide proper onboarding, oversight, and mentoring. But don’t you already do this anyway when you appoint new staff?

If you change your mindset from incentive to talent management, you’ll find that the benefits of hiring interns far outweigh the time and effort spent developing them. (And if you’re not developing your staff, you have a far bigger problem – one that won’t be solved by recruitment alone.)

5. Don’t make the final call alone

As humans, we’re all biased. We have a natural tendency to favour some types of people over others, and we all suffer from ‘blind spots’ when it comes to recruitment. In particular, business owners tend to recruit people just like them – people they can relate to, who share their interests and passions.

But if you recruit only people who are like you, you’ll have a business full of entrepreneurs! What about the slog work? What about the admin (which you’re probably terrible at)? What about the repetitive, monotonous but important work that you absolutely hate? Someone needs to do this! So don’t make the final appointment decision alone. Call in your trusted staff (especially those who’ll be working directly with the new appointee) to get their input. Ideally, make sure that you put together an interview panel from the start of the recruitment process, consisting of a variety of individuals with different viewpoints.


 Surviving in today’s turbulent business environment requires that all business owners give 120% every day. If you dream of getting support from a competent and committed staff complement (and maybe even achieving some of that illusive work-life balance), you need to make sure that you’re recruiting the right talent. Do your homework, get the basics right, and don’t forget to consider interns to boost your business success. It will all be worth it!

What are we working on?

 CK Connect – a revolution in personalised learning

At eSTUDY we aim to create and roll out new and exciting solutions to our clients. The eSTUDY team is hard at work finalising the launch of what we believe will revolutionise personalised learning.

CK Connect has been developed by our partner, CrossKnowledge, and as always eSTUDY is ensuring that the solution meets South African and African learning and development needs.

In a nutshell, CK Connect allows employees and their managers to conduct a personal assessment to determine strengths and development areas in terms of skills, behaviours, and attitudes. Based on the assessment results, each person is given a customised learning journey through a selection of over 150 short and practical training courses.

As a manager or L&D professional, CK Connect will help you:

  • Ensure that training is relevant and addresses real needs.
  • Recommend additional training to staff based on their personal assessment and your experience working with them.
  • Identify collaboration challenges and opportunities based on the personal assessment of teams and groups.
  • Access detailed reports and analytics on training progress and completion.

Watch this space! eSTUDY is in advanced talks about accrediting this solution with a well-known professional body in the HR space.



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