Why Onboarding

An alarming 24% of all new employees resign or start looking for alternative employment within the first three months of a new job.

The role and contribution of a successful onboarding programme is widely acknowledged as one the best and most successful tools to ensure a smooth employee introduction process into his / her new workplace. Above all, a smooth and proper onboarding programme will enhance employee performance, increase employee retention, accelerate productivity, and maximize engagement. It is indeed the last step in the recruitment process, aimed at fulfilling the recruitment promise of both parties. There are also benefits for the employees, including reduced stress and clearer personal development paths.

There are 10 golden rules to follow when running an onboarding programme.

There are 10 golden rules to follow when running an onboarding programme.

  1. Start your onboarding before the starting date, also referred to as the “Yes to Desk” period.
  2. Make your programme personal, facilitate engagement, and create an experience.
  3. Adopt a blended model, based on a digital approach and supported by face-to-face sessions.
  4. Follow a “just-in-time” approach that facilitates access to knowledge portals and local experts (especially useful for info-hungry junkies).
  5. One learning path should be a non-starter; personalise the learning paths and involve the right people at the right time.
  6. Create a mentor / buddy process.
  7. Learning paths should facilitate inclusion and assimilation.
  8. Transform learning and induction into performance.
  9. Use your onboarding programme as an internal decisions tool.
  10. Invest time in your onboarding programme and keep it relevant, updated, and personalised.

Next week, eSTUDY will publish guidelines for the first stage of the programme: “Yes to Desk”.

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