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South Africa - The Reality

Unemployment @ 28%

Unemployed Youth (18 to 30 years) = 6 million youth. 

Characteristics of Recruitment Talent Pool:

  • Qualifications
  • Weak English verbal skills
  • Affordability by job seekers
  • Desperate for employment
  • Limited access to internet and facilities

Rationale Behind The Recruitment Methodology

A people-centric approach to assist a job seeker, driven by digital technology, to take an educated and informed decision on the feasibility of a career in the Contact Centre Industry.

Candidate / Job Fit - The Reality

How do you evaluate and understand a candidate’s?

  • Desperation to find work, as opposed to a candidate’s skills set,
  • Readiness for a specific role in the Contact Centre Industry,
  • Basic skills set to succeed in the industry,
  • Aptitude to succeed in the Contact Centre Industry?


Research Results: Why Do Agents Resign?

Main trends in Exit Interviews:

  • Better job offer from another contact centre and fierce competition between contact centres to recruit and KEEP super agents
  • “I made a mistake, I don’t want to be a Contact Centre agent!”
  • High levels of stress, “pace of work”


Main Competency Skills Required By An Agent (BPESA)

  • Numeracy
  • Client service orientation, handling and education
  • Language proficiency – English
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Negotiation skills

New Competency:

  • Aptitude for Learning

Insights Into Current Trends

Hardcore Industry Statistics

  • Abscondment / resignation rate up to 45% – if measured after a 3 year period
  • Average cost per agent from recruitment to start of learnership = R9 000
  • Average learnership cost = R25 000 plus R36 000 stipend, per recruit

Insights of Current Model

Case Study : Contact Centre with 471 agents

  • Abscondment / resignation rate over 3 years = 45%
  • Recruitment requirement over 3 years = 203 agents

Total Cost:

  • Recruitment/Preparation cost = 203 agents x R 9 000 (3 yrs) = R 1.8m
  • Learnership cost of 203 agents (3 yrs) = 203 x R 25 000 = R 5.7m
  • Total Spend = R 7.5m over 3 years OR R 2.5m per year

Two Main Challenges

  1. High recruitment and training cost – recurring year on year
  2. High abscondment and resignation rate of agents

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