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Your trusted partner in high impact learning programmes, achieving business objectives while earning BEE points. A unique combination of digital (eLearning) and classroom-based learning models.


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eSTUDY is a BEE Level 1 accredited training provider

51% black owned

5% disabled owned

BEE Aligned Training

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Core Services

As experts in learning and development, through the exceptional usage of blended learning models, we achieve development and transformation objectives on all levels of employment, including Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE). We provide BEE aligned and accredited training solutions to maximise your BEE skills development points.


Digital Learning Technology

Plan, manage and measure your training initiatives, create your reports, and develop your content via one single digital platform and a central training registry.

Accredited Content Library

Conduct accredited internships, learnerships and short courses that fall within Category A, C, D and E of the Learning Programme Matrix for BEE Skills Development.

SA Compliance Content

Meet your regulatory, legal and compliance requirements with our Compliance Library, or let us develop relevant compliance courses to meet your requirements.

Soft Skills Content

Use our 11 000+ learning resources written by international academics and business leaders to develop your custom-made learning roadmap.

Content Development

Let’s produce your multimedia content, compliance roadmaps, and on-boarding programmes in a fun and innovative manner to maximise learning experiences and learner engagement.

Training Intelligence

Monitor progress of your training initiatives, determine their impact and measure your RoI presented with reports and customised dashboards to generate your ATR and WSP.

Digital On-Boarding

Retain staff by starting with a unique digital on-boarding programme to guide your new employees through the Yes-to-Desk period, followed by the critical first three months of settling in. Add a refresher or "repeat training" component a few months later.


Assist a job seeker in making educated and informed career decisions before accepting an internship, learnership and / or employment via our digital and people-centric technology applications


Advertise and promote your bursary, internship and learnership opportunities via Waxed, our digital-based social marketing system that will assist you in recruiting and managing your students.

New Courses

Digitise your ATR & WSP reporting while you adhere to training business processes and meet compliance requirements.

We are expert providers of
BEE Training Solutions
South Africa's largest training content library, with 11 000+ learning
resources, a variety of 17 accredited Internship and Learnership
programmes, supported by 123 accredited short courses. Say no more,
check it out.
Fully mobile
Digital and cloud-based
The eSTUDY / CK app suite can be accessed on multiple devices, including tablets,
phones, and computers. This allows you to access the content wherever you are
and whenever you need to.
Engage your workforce with
High Impact Learning Solutions
eSTUDY promotes, sells and uses the world-leading CrossKnowledge Learning
Suite as a Digital Learning Platform that helps you easily engage your workforce
with different learning experiences.

Online Accredited POPIA Training Courses

Fundamentals for all Employees, and specialised courses for Legal & Compliance, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance & Procurement and Information Technology

Client Testimonials

eSTUDY and CrossKnowledge have many well-known International, Multinational and Local clients:


Calculate your SETA Grants and Tax Rebates

Use Government funding mechanisms, such as Subsidies, Grants and Section (12) Tax Rebates to fund your training programmes. Very simple – get your money back while you earn BEE points. Use our Online Calculator to determine your rebates and grants:

Student Testimonials

Range of Services

eSTUDY provides services across all learning and development functions:


Learning & Development Strategy

In your learning and development strategy you should aim to create a culture of continuous learning and enhance career success, facilitating professional development and capacity building across the company, on time, and in a cost-effective manner.

Talent Management Frameworks

Align your talent management with company strategy, define leadership criteria across all functional areas, in a consistent manner. Clearly define competencies to stimulate sustainable growth of your business. Be “proactive and not reactive”, contact us now.

Competency Models & KPIs

Competency models should meet different key performance criteria of all functional areas in your business. This should include functional skills such as analytical thinking, technical skills, teamwork and management skills supported by relevant work experience. Meet your KPIs, find a trusted partner, train with us.

BEE Skills Development Solutions

BEE Skills Development is the most expensive element on your BEE Scorecard, unless you do it right and maximise the benefit of SETA grants, Section 12(H) Tax Rebates, Youth subsidies and the Youth Employment Incentive Scheme. Are you training for the sake of BEE points only? Get it right and gain business value.

BEE Skills Calculator

An accurate Skills Development calculator could save you millions of Rands. Do not overspend, but also do not underspend since you want to earn your expected (and promised) BEE Skills Development points. Register now for free access to our BEE Skills Development calculator.

BEE Skills ROI Mode

An RoI model should measure quantitative and qualitative benefits of your BEE Skills Development projects. A critical element is the absorption principle, and the cost of not absorbing learners is always underestimated. Let us show you how.

Internship and Learnership Turnkey Solution

Recruitment of learners, including disabled people

Training of learners

Workplace experience

Payroll of learners

Absorption of learners in permanent employment

Student Management System

Full BEE verification pack for all learners and interns


Training for the sake of BEE points only? NO!

BEE Skills Development should feed employment equity. Empower current black employees to reach higher occupational levels, and add new BEE talent to your workforce.
Maximise your business value.


Accreditations and Registrations

eSTUDY, as the expert in learning and development, is registered and/or accredited at DHET, plus 27 different SETA and professional organisations:


BEE skills development should “feed” your employment equity with young talent and empower current managers to obtain higher occupational levels. As simple as that. Are you training for the sake of BEE points only (a typical “take the problem away attitude and give me my BEE points”)?

Plan effectively, select the right programmes, implement, support, and bank your BEE absorption points on successful completion.

We are asking you, as a business executive … can you indeed, and with sincere honesty, state that you currently achieve BEE transformation objectives?

Let us help you achieve your transformation objectives

and maximise your business benefits, with your BEE learning and development investments.

Knowledge and Insights

Share your thoughts, publish articles and become part of the largest and most comprehensive learning and development library in South Africa. Keep up with the latest changes, interpretations and trends in the learning industry.